About the Author

Welcome! I was born as an old soul with the ability to empathize with almost everyone out there. This includes those that have left their physical bodies behind. Some call people with this ability Psychics or Mediums I prefer the term Light Worker. There is so much I have learned about spirituality that I would love to share with others. I also remember things I’ve learned from past life experiences that help me in my current journey. My guides have also helped me with some info on how to explain things in funny and useful metaphors.

On October 3rd 2016 I was blessed to join the elite club called Motherhood. I used to have a name and a persona that has undergone big changes since becoming a mom to Theodore. As I learn how to be a mom I will use this blog as an outlet to talk about my take on being a new mom. This includes the amazing, enlightening, surprising, good, bad and downright ugly that comes with the job.

I hope you enjoy my musings about life. Perhaps you’ll gain a new perspective or simply not feel alone out there. This blog site is for myself as much as it is for anyone who happens upon it.